Author: ninahelene.

Share A Coke


made for Montdor, 2019

The Danish Coca-Cola summer campaign 2019 is a continuation of the existing campaign “Share a Coke”.

The project manager from Montdor and I had to create a communicative concept for a few events that were to take place during the summer of 2019. We created a concept so fierce that it ended up being the entire concept for all communications during the Danish 2019 Coca-Cola Summer Campaign.

We needed to create a concept that would build on the very strong platform that had already existed for years, Share a Coke. It was important to give it an angle that would add to Share a Coke without diluting it and without doing ‘more of the same’.

The compliment became the center of our new campaign. The compliment spreads joy and reinforces the relation between people – with Coca-Cola as facilitator.

We created the communicative concept behind all communication throughout the summer of 2019. It applied to TV commercials, Snapchat filter, Articles, YouTube vlogs, activations all over Denmark and a print campaign. See below for examples of the execution of our communicative concept.

Coca-Cola Denmark's advertising and customisable filter on Snapchat
Coca-Cola Denmark's Instagram
Coca-Cola Denmark's Youtube vlog on compliments
Article on with mentions of the Danish compliment campaign
Article on about the compliment tour across Denmark in a helicopter
Coca-Cola Denmark's own article on the campaign
Campaign prints
Share a Coke compliment banner ads

Novo Nordisk – Women Deliver

Novo Nordisk – Women Deliver

made for Format Agency, 2016

Format Agency created a communicative concept, produced all brand activations and branding elements, and executed the Novo Nordisk booth at the Women Deliver Conference 2016 in Copenhagen.

For this project we created the communicative concept and then I created all print files for the execution of this project.

We created three communicative concepts that we then presented for Novo Nordisk (see image slider below). The concept “ONE IN SEVEN” was then chosen and applied to all elements for the conference (see below).

All contribution were made for Format Agency.

Signage for coffee stations and print files for coffee cups
Insert for conference magazine
Labels for water bottles
Digital invitation
Booth backwall
Branding and pillar cover next to booth
Delegate engaging activation at the booth
Novo Nordisk booth at Women Deliver Conference 2016 in Copenhagen. Image: Format Agency
Brand activation element 'in action'. Image: Format Agency
Coffee cups 'in action'. One in seven cups was red Image: Format Agency
Booth backwall. Image: Format Agency

Danske Bank – Growth in North Zealand

Danske Bank – Growth in North Zealand

by Agenda Group, 2015

As part of their strategy to direct more attention to entrepreneurs Danske Bank wanted to create an event for proprietorships and small businesses in North Zealand (Nordsjælland). As art director at Agenda Group i had to translate their strategy in to a visual identity for the event, do a site inspection, create a customer journey and digital and print files for the event

Below are examples from the customer journey and execution.

Invitation and program
Information flyer mailed to delegates prior to event
Floor guide in parking basement
Vejledende tekst i elevator.
Floor guides and signage on glass wall
Foil for front and back side of the glass wall
Visual and physical screens for backstage area
Brand activation that engaged and interacted with the delegates, the experts and the external interested parties all at once
Large boards with directions and decorations in the networking area
Program printed on nano foil and mounted on door
Content description at every meeting room
Framed canvas in plenary
Overview of large-scale print elements
Branding walls from different external interested parties. Visually aligned to compliment each other but with regards to the individual brand guidelines

Børns Voksenvenner

Børns Voksenvenner Copenhagen

Annual Report 2017

I 2017 i aided Børns Voksenvenner Copenhagen with the layout of their annual report. Below you can see spreads from the report.

Kæmp for kærligheden (Fight for love)


Priest Ane Bækgaard

Priest Ane Bækgaard makes PREP workshops for couples. For this she needed advertising materials.

She wanted me to create a flyer and a poster. In this I also had to edit the images she wanted to use, so I had the right vibe for the workshops.

Below you see the results.

Frederiksberg Distillery

Frederiksberg Distillery

New label for the house gin

Master distiller Henrik Hammer wanted to update the look of his London Dry Gin. Henrik had a few wishes for the new label: I needed obvious references to Frederiksberg, the falcon, the wings and the old wordmark had to stay. Also the award it had won needed to be displayed on the label and he needed the label to be customisable from batch to batch.

Material choices and production options had to be investigated as well.

I created multiple sketches with additional mockups that made it easier for the client to visualise my idea. In the end we reached a new and ‘lighter’ look for the gin.

Look and feel of the new design
Gammel labeldesign
Former label

Below a selection of the sketches and ideas made in the process.

Very simple label only on the front of the bottle with print on both sides of the label. This would make the inside visible only through the bottle
Again the label would only be on the front of the bottle but with print on both sides. The backside would only be visible through the bottle itself. The label is shaped like Frederiksberg and the dot marks the distillery's placement in Frederiksberg
Simple frontpage with an outline in the shape of Frederiksberg. The spot marks the distillery's placement in Frederiksberg. The pattern in the back label would then be visible from the front only
A label that wraps almost all the way around the bottle with a small opening where you can se the bottle content
Same as above but with different pattern and colouring
Peel-off label
Subtle label on the front with decorative label on the back. Also containing the necessary information
Mockup of the final label
Serving tips from WhyNotGin's
London Dry Gin
The first bottle with the new design