Cramers Studie

Cramers Studie

A transformation from being a personal trainer to an expanding business and a powerful brand.
My cooperation with Marie Louise Cramer.

I grabbed Marie Louise Cramer back in 2014. She was just starting her business as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. I knew from personal experience how skilled she was and I really wanted to help her establish herself in the business as a household name and brand. Her vision and her talent was there. It just needed direction, development, and visibility.

Since then our cooperation has developed and she has developed her business from a solo project to having ten employees, her own training and treatment studio in Copenhagen “Cramers Studie”, over 100 active clients and is growing as a blogger, influencer, writer and speaker.

In the on-going development of the business I am her strategic development partner. I mostly help her develop her business and strategic concept and I help her make the great decisions. Anything from the strategic development of the business, development of training concepts, choice of sponsorships and pricing of products.

What Marie Louise says about the development:

“Nina alway has been – and still is – a very important part of my business. Nina is always ready with solid advice and constructive criticism and questions. Through this she plays a vital role in streamlining my business and develop and optimise concepts for my business. If I have to emphasise one thing it is our recurring workshops in which we bounce, flip and twist any new ideas and locks down the strategic route for my business. Nina is worth more than gold. She is priceless to me.”

Since 2014 I have also created all visual material for Marie Louise. The list of things I have made is long and includes logos with visual guidelines, letterheads, brochures, rollups, client materials, web banners, foils, fabric prints, Instagram and Facebook posts, wall paintings, cookbooks, presentations, posters, stickers, video editing, business cards, email signatures and a lot more.

I selected a few elements to show you here. Many, many more exists.

You can learn a lot more about Marie Louise and Cramers Studie on her Instagram, blog and website.

Stort bomærke i Cramers Studie
Large-scale trademark in Cramers Studie
Plakater til Cramers Studie
Posters for Cramers Studie
Trademark stickers
Håndmalet logo i Cramers Studie 1
Hand-painted logo in Cramers Studie 1
Visual til annoncering af det nye og større Cramers Studie
Visuals for announcement of the new Cramers Studie
Nøglemærker til lockerskabe
Tags for lockers
Print på sweatshirt
Print on sweatshirt
Rollup mm. til Bryllupsmesse i Bella Center
Rollup and more for the wedding exhibition in Bella Center
Visual til Marie Louises Knæk Cancer-kampagne
Visual for Marie Louises Knæk Cancer campaign