Danske Bank – Growth in North Zealand

Danske Bank – Growth in North Zealand

by Agenda Group, 2015

As part of their strategy to direct more attention to entrepreneurs Danske Bank wanted to create an event for proprietorships and small businesses in North Zealand (Nordsjælland). As art director at Agenda Group i had to translate their strategy in to a visual identity for the event, do a site inspection, create a customer journey and digital and print files for the event

Below are examples from the customer journey and execution.

Invitation and program
Information flyer mailed to delegates prior to event
Floor guide in parking basement
Vejledende tekst i elevator.
Floor guides and signage on glass wall
Foil for front and back side of the glass wall
Visual and physical screens for backstage area
Brand activation that engaged and interacted with the delegates, the experts and the external interested parties all at once
Large boards with directions and decorations in the networking area
Program printed on nano foil and mounted on door
Content description at every meeting room
Framed canvas in plenary
Overview of large-scale print elements
Branding walls from different external interested parties. Visually aligned to compliment each other but with regards to the individual brand guidelines