Frederiksberg Distillery

Frederiksberg Distillery

New label for the house gin

Master distiller Henrik Hammer wanted to update the look of his London Dry Gin. Henrik had a few wishes for the new label: I needed obvious references to Frederiksberg, the falcon, the wings and the old wordmark had to stay. Also the award it had won needed to be displayed on the label and he needed the label to be customisable from batch to batch.

Material choices and production options had to be investigated as well.

I created multiple sketches with additional mockups that made it easier for the client to visualise my idea. In the end we reached a new and ‘lighter’ look for the gin.

Look and feel of the new design
Gammel labeldesign
Former label

Below a selection of the sketches and ideas made in the process.

Very simple label only on the front of the bottle with print on both sides of the label. This would make the inside visible only through the bottle
Again the label would only be on the front of the bottle but with print on both sides. The backside would only be visible through the bottle itself. The label is shaped like Frederiksberg and the dot marks the distillery's placement in Frederiksberg
Simple frontpage with an outline in the shape of Frederiksberg. The spot marks the distillery's placement in Frederiksberg. The pattern in the back label would then be visible from the front only
A label that wraps almost all the way around the bottle with a small opening where you can se the bottle content
Same as above but with different pattern and colouring
Peel-off label
Subtle label on the front with decorative label on the back. Also containing the necessary information
Mockup of the final label
Serving tips from WhyNotGin's
London Dry Gin
The first bottle with the new design