Liquid Studio – Opal Gin

Liquid Studio

Label design for new gin, 2018

In cooperation with the two owners of Luquid Studio, Morten and Jacob, I designed the label for their brand new gin “Opal Gin”. The look was to be simple but expressive and make the bottle stand out amongst the multitude of gin and liquor bottles on the market.

Through a mini workshop with the two gentlemen the design came about.

You can read more about Liquid Studio here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. If you want even more, read the blog post by WhyNotGin here (Danish).

One side of the bottle
The other side of the bottle
The design was created through a mini workshop with the two men behind Opal Gin, Morten and Jacob
Final design guides for Opal Gin labels
Morten affixes labels on the first batch. Image:
Image: WhyNotGin
Image: WhyNotGin