Share A Coke


made for Montdor, 2019

The Danish Coca-Cola summer campaign 2019 is a continuation of the existing campaign “Share a Coke”.

The project manager from Montdor and I had to create a communicative concept for a few events that were to take place during the summer of 2019. We created a concept so fierce that it ended up being the entire concept for all communications during the Danish 2019 Coca-Cola Summer Campaign.

We needed to create a concept that would build on the very strong platform that had already existed for years, Share a Coke. It was important to give it an angle that would add to Share a Coke without diluting it and without doing ‘more of the same’.

The compliment became the center of our new campaign. The compliment spreads joy and reinforces the relation between people – with Coca-Cola as facilitator.

We created the communicative concept behind all communication throughout the summer of 2019. It applied to TV commercials, Snapchat filter, Articles, YouTube vlogs, activations all over Denmark and a print campaign. See below for examples of the execution of our communicative concept.

Coca-Cola Denmark's advertising and customisable filter on Snapchat
Coca-Cola Denmark's Instagram
Coca-Cola Denmark's Youtube vlog on compliments
Article on with mentions of the Danish compliment campaign
Article on about the compliment tour across Denmark in a helicopter
Coca-Cola Denmark's own article on the campaign
Campaign prints
Share a Coke compliment banner ads